Why we like robins

The Mourne Robin is one of Simply Mourne's most popular pebble art pictures and according to the RSPB, the robin is the UK’s favourite bird too!  But what do you know about this little bird and why do we all like it so much?


The robin’s distinctive red breast

Male and female adult robins have distinctive red breasts which brighten up our gardens in the gloomy depths of winter.  Young robins are not as easy to identify as they have mottled gold and brown breasts.  They sing boldly almost all year round and they are very territorial, with male and female robins having their own territory in winter.

The robin has strong links with Christmas

Many Christmas cards feature a robin but why is this the case?  Looking back to the 19th century, the newly created postal service dressed the postmen in red uniforms.  They earned the nickname of the “Robins” and when Christmas cards became more popular in the 1860s, robins were often illustrated on the cards to represent the postmen who delivered the cards.

The robin will build a nest anywhere

Often people remark that robins will build a nest in a plant pot in a shed but they will actually nest anywhere.  Robins have been known to nest in rolls of wire, in the pocket of a gardener’s coat or even under the bonnet of a sports car. 

Robins are friendly

Robins seem to like people and will even follow gardeners around.  Some robins will even accept food by hand too.  Perhaps they help us to connect with nature just a little more and that makes them more endearing to us.

Robins can bring comfort

For some people, a robin’s appearance can bring comfort after a bereavement in keeping with the saying “when a robin appears, a loved one is near.” 


So the robin is definitely a very special little bird and perhaps you would like to give our Mourne Robin pebble picture as a gift to a friend, family member or even for yourself!  And the next time you see a robin in your garden, we hope it will bring a smile to your face too.