The Mourne Robin Pebble Art Picture


The Mourne Robin is a very special pebble art picture designed and created by artist Catherine Bradford from Simply Mourne.  It is a delicate piece of artwork for your home which is suitable for a living room, bedroom or kitchen.  According to the RSPB, the robin is the most popular bird in the UK and robins certainly touch the hearts of many people. 

The Mourne Robin is a very popular gift idea especially for anyone who adores these fabulous little red-breasted birds.  The robin can also bring comfort for people as it is believed that “when a robin appears, a loved one is near”.  And if you are called Robin or Robyn, you will of course love to have the Mourne Robin hanging on your wall.  There are many other reasons why we love the robin, not least because we associate it with Christmas, friendliness and their cheery singing in our gardens.  It is definitely a piece of art that will brighten up your home as well as bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Art inspired by nature

Living in the shadow of Northern Ireland’s Mourne Mountains and a few miles from the Irish Sea, Catherine has an abundance of natural splendour on her doorstep.  This is the inspiration for her artwork and many of the materials used in her pebble art pictures are natural.  As a result, each picture is totally unique and there will never be two the same. 

Choice of frames and sizes

Now for the boring bit!  All designs come framed with the option of a white or black frame. Frames can be mounted to a wall or they also have a stand at the back for free standing.  There are two size options too – 4x4 inches or 10x8 inches.

 We hope that you love this beautiful Mourne Robin just as much as we loved to create it for you.

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